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project s.a.v.e.

Some animals need special medical tests or care that goes above and beyond our normal resources. Project S.A.V.E. ~ Saving Animals with Veterinary Emergencies ~ is a special fund that enables us to do more in unique situations where more veterinary care might make a second chance possible.

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Geauga Humane Society’s Rescue Village Humane Investigation Leads to Cat Seizure ~ Inside and Outside Cats Being Removed from Private Bainbridge Home and Business and Taken to Safe Shelter ~ Emergency Care Funds Being Sought

Following a complaint from a Bainbridge Township resident, Geauga Humane Society’s Rescue Village conducted an investigation, which resulted in the filing of a search and seizure warrant this morning.  The humane officer and his agents, accompanied by the Geauga County Sheriff’s Department and Bainbridge police, are removing cats from the premises.

The investigation found both premises to be unsanitary.  The team is searching for ill or injured cats. There are cats both indoors and outdoors at these locations.  It may take weeks before the number of cats involved is known.  The cats will be kept under the protective custody and care of Rescue Village. They will receive any medical attention that they need but unless or until the owner, or a court of law, signs over custody of the animals, they do not legally belong to the shelter and hence, are not adoptable at this time.

Support from the community is very important at this time, and always. Geauga Humane Society is accepting donations to Project S.A.V.E., a special fund to help animals with veterinary emergencies.

Donations of clean blankets, clean towels, Purina cat chow, canned cat food and paper towels are also being requested.


Five Emaciated Horses Seized in Geauga County

Geauga Humane Society’s humane agent received an anonymous call the last week of February about a group of horses that appeared to be underweight. Christian Courtwright followed up on the call and his investigation found that the claims were true. All five horses had body conditions that indicated starvation. The horses were seized immediately and placed in protective custody.

Because of the overwhelming monetary support to Projoect S.A.V.E., all 5 horses have been rehabilitated and are currently enjoying their second chance at life.

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Teddy was a wonderful dog who had a big need. He came to RV after being hit by a car. Project S.A.V.E. provided the necessary funds for his $3,000 surgery to fix his broken scapula. After his surgery, Teddy spent seven weeks at a volunteer foster home recovering. Teddy was adopted on December 31, 2010 into a loving home.

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Bing is a lab! very active, playful and curious. He came to Rescue Village with a cherry eye. With Project S.A.V.E. funds, our medical team conducted replacement glad surgery to correct it. Bing is a handsome boy now living with his forever home.



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Angel is a 6 year old Lab. She was transferred to Rescue Village. She arrived with Specs the dog that was kind of her guide dog because she had entropia (eye lashes are growing in an animals eyes) and could not see properly. Our medical team provided Angel with some needed relief through surgical correction. Angel is doing well with her adopted family who say, “She is a wonderful dog and that they love her very much.”

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Phil the cat was rescued by RV's humane agent last month.  Phil's owner recently experienced some life difficulties and agreed to surrender him to Rescue Village. As soon as Dr. Volpe saw both of his eyelinds folded inward, she knew surgery was necessary to relieve the pain.  Phil has gone through two surgeries at Sarah's Place Clinic at Rescue Village to correct the uncommon problem for cats - entropion.  Phil is now with his forever home!   Donate to Project S.A.V.E. today. 


Perch is a special 2-4 year old black lab mix who was transferred in from another shelter in October. Perch arrived at Rescue Village with a noticable limp.  He had a slipped kneecap that required surgery. 

In January, because of Project S.A.V.E. and the generosity of The Animal Clinic of Chardon, Perch is now walking pain free.  Perch was adopted ~ March 2010!  Click here to read his Happy Ending.

Donate to Project S.A.V.E. today.