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A nonprofit regional mobile spay/neuter clinic, is working in cooperation with Rescue Village to reduce overpopulation by making spay/neuter surgeries affordable and accessible to low-income populations, feral cat caregivers, shelters, and rescues in Geauga County.

Rescue Village is committed to this spay/neuter program and hopes to offer this service to our community as frequently as possible, therefore, we maintain a waiting list of qualified participants. You DO NOT have to live in Geauga County to use this clinic!


To qualify, you must show proof of government assistance or low-income. You will be asked to show a Medicaid Card or a copy of your W-2 Tax form. If you have a cat or dog (under 80 pounds) and are in need of spay/neuter services, please fill out the application below.

Please contact Erin for more information at 440.338.4819 ext. 14 or


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Trap, Neuter, Release

Rescue Village offers a Trap, Neuter, Release program as a humane way to confront the problem of community cat overpopulation. If you would like to participate or know of an area of community cats, we can help! Call 440.338.4819 ext. 14 or email for more information.

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Frequently Asked Questions


reasons to spay and neuter your pets

When you spay or neuter your pet, you become an important part of the solution to animal overpopulation and homelessness. Spaying or neutering your pet provides many other benefits as well:

  • Your pet will be more content and less likely to roam, bite, scratch, fight, or mark territory
  • Your pet, male or female, will be healthier and live longer. When your pet is "fixed" there is less chance it will develop uterine, mammary, or testicular cancer

If I neuter my male dog will he become "less manly?"
No. Male dogs may become calmer and may stop humping. But he will still be the "guy" he used to be.

Will my pets become fat and lazy if I have them "fixed?"
No. Animals become overweight because of lack of exercise and improper diet. Make sure your animal stays active and do not overfeed your pet.

If my pets can't have babies will my children miss seeing the "miracle of life?"
No. There are wonderful books and DVDs which show the birth of baby animals. By spaying and neutering your pets you can teach your children the joy of companion animals living in loving homes. You might also consider becoming a foster home for kittens or puppies needing temporary homes while awaiting adoption from Rescue Village.