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the difficult decision to give up your pet

Rescue Village offers resources and education to help you maintain the treasured bond that you have with your animal companions. The decision to surrender your pet may be difficult and emotional.

When you bring your animal to Rescue Village for surrender, he or she will receive a temperament and health evaluation. If your animal is taken into the shelter for adoption, he or she will remain with us until a new, loving home is found.

Surrender Profiles can be picked up at Rescue Village or you can download and print a copy to fill out. 

Please note that every day Rescue Villages receives multiple surrender profiles for adult cats. We also receive countless phone calls from members of our community wanting to bring in a stray cat or two.

If you have called to get on the stray list or hope to surrender your own cat, keep in mind that there could be a very long wait to get the cat into the shelter-possibly 4 months or more.

Long story short: the need for shelter space exceeds the availability of space many times over.  This painful reality is very hard-for you, for us, and for the animals.

Cat Surrender Form

Dog Surrender Form

Completed Cat Surrender Forms can be scanned and returned to the cat behaviorist at

Completed Dog Surrender Forms can be scanned and emailed to the Dog Behavior Coordinator at

You may also return your forms by mail or fax: 

Geauga Humane Society's Rescue Village

PO Box 116

Novelty, OH  44072

FAX:  (440) 338-4855

At the time of surrender, you should bring in all medical records for your animals as well as a photo ID for yourself. You will be requested to present documented proof of ownership, such as licensing or medical records.

There is a fee for each animal surrendered to Rescue Village. It costs us at least $150 to provide care for every animal that comes to us, so you are welcome to contribute more than the minimum of $50.

If you have to give up your pet, please do the right thing:

  • Do not drop your pet off in the woods or countryside, assuming that it can take care of itself. Pets lack the skills to survive on their own and may die as a result of starvation or injury.
  • Do not abandon your pet in the house or apartment you are moving out of thinking that someone will eventually find it. This does not always happen.
  • Do not give your pet away to a stranger. You do not know if that person is a responsible pet owner. Pets that end up in the wrong hands may be abused or neglected.
  • Try to place your pet with a trusted family member or friend, one who you are confident will love and care for your pet properly and will keep you informed of its welfare. 

Spay Your Mama

The “Spay Your Mama” program is geared towards individuals with a pregnant female dog or a female dog with her new puppies.

Involvement in the program will consist of agreeing to surrender the puppies at 8 weeks of age to Rescue Village, where they will be fixed, vaccinated, and put up for adoption. The “mama” will then be spayed at no cost to the participant through Petfix*.  This is a win-win for both the puppies, who will easily find wonderful new homes, and the pet owner who will now not have to worry about any more unwanted litters.


To participate in the “Spay Your Mama” program, please contact Programs Coordinator, Erin Hawes, at 440.338.4819 ext. 14 or email


*Participation in program will be based upon Petfix qualifications.  To learn more, visit

Pet Loss Support Hotlines and Helplines

For support, please visit